Fundraising for Organizations - Plymouth County, MA

Are you part of an organization that needs to raise money?

PTO/PTA, Jaycees, Music Boosters, Varsity Clubs, Churches, Cancer Awareness, Service Organizations, and many more…

We welcome you to be a part of our fundraising team!

The Easiest Fundraising EVER!

  • NO Selling.
  • NO Mandatory Participation Date.
  • NO Order Forms.
  • NO Fulfillment.
  • NO Money Collection.
  • NO Printing Costs.
  • NO Overlap with other programs.

All You Need To Do…

  1. Contact us at 508-857-0657 to set up your fundraising date at C&C Reading Farm.
  2. Hand out flyers or post cards to promote your fundraising event.
  3. You’ll earn money with every ticket sold to guests that present your event flyer or post card at the gate.

Keep doing all your other programs and add ours without adding any work. Simply promote your event and every ticket, with no limitations, earns your group a dollar!

Turn Your Event into a “Maze Fun Day”

Plan a “Maze Fun Day” where everyone associated with your organization visits C&C Reading Farm and challenges the maze together. We’ll also work with you if you’d like to sell merchandise as an additional fundraiser on your Fun Day.

Think of how many families are in your group, workplace, school, or church, then imagine how many people they can reach on Facebook and email. We’re happy to pay your group for promoting C&C Reading Farm instead of buying expensive media advertising. It’s a win-win!

Contact us today to set up your fundraising event!