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Organic Vegetables - Massachusetts (South of Boston)

Buy Local, Support Your Family Farm, and Eat Well!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes the community’s farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.  “Community Supported Agriculture” is a financial model of running a farm where customers pay for their “share of the harvest” upfront, then receive produce “dividends” as it becomes available.  We, the farmer, benefit by receiving payments at the beginning of the growing season, when we need them the most, to buy seeds, supplies and much more. This reduces the interest costs of loans to begin the season.  The CSA partnership is good for you, good for the farm, and good for our earth.

C&C Reading Farm CSA members buy into the farm’s production at the start of the growing season and in exchange receive a share of the farm’s harvest. A shareholder can come to the farm and pick up our high quality produce. We do the work (planting, weeding, harvesting) and you do the eating! Community Supported Agriculture is just one way that we market our products at the farm.

Our goal is to provide our members with a premier product and following the CQP (Commonwealth Quality Practices) standards ensures that C&C Reading Farm is on the leading edge of food safety, soil testing, water testing, worker hygiene, and a traceability system in effect.

Benefits & Highlights of C&C Reading Farm CSA Membership

  • Massachusetts-fresh, high-quality produce offered during the growing season.
  • Our CSA produce is organic and grown using conventional practices.
  • We have over 40 years of farming experience and have had successful CSA seasons since 2011.
  • C&C Reading Farm takes pride in offering over 90% of our own products.
  • Our high-quality produce and cut flowers are picked every morning from our fields to your table.
  • Our CSA is now be available in the form of a convenient Harvest Card (instead of weekly shares), which members can use at any time during the growing season to purchase vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, honey, free range eggs, milk, and more!
  • Work is not required on the farm and we offer pick-your-own options.

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What Our CSA Members Are Saying

Thanks for a great produce year. The CSA helped us to try new veggies. Have a great off season. Let us know when you open for next season. We will be anxiously awaiting that first pickup! We’re so excited to have a farm share again this year!

– Carrie & Harv

You’re the bees knees. Thank you so much for all the delicious fruits and vegetables and popcorn!  Have a safe, healthy, and not too cold winter.  See you next June.

– Chris and Valerie

I am looking forward to my first pickup. I know you run a wonderful operation and I do want to support my local farmer!

– Laura

Our family had a great time with the 2014 CSA program. The kids really enjoyed the weekly trips to “their farm,” and it also helped to broaden the palette of our 10 year old picky eater. We will be joining in 2015 and thank you again for a fun 2014.

– Mark

Thank you for a wonderful CSA season!  Everything was wonderful!  Enjoy your winter break and we will see you in 2015!

– Mary and Brian

I must share that working at the corn maze last year really impacted my husband and daughter in an unchangeable way. They are both SO into vegetables from the experience of visiting the farm. Even reading all the information facts in the maze got them both interested in food. REAL food. My years of nagging couldn’t do it, but the farm stand did! My husband (who never put a green item of food in his body for 35 years) is eating better than he ever has and chomping at the bit for CSA to start to try new things. So in case no else has said it today — Thank you Lynn & Farmer Pete for all your hard work!

– Leanne

Thank you so much for the wonderfully fresh and beautiful items that have filled our half share CSA bag during this bountiful season. See you next year

– Betsey, Trish & Raspberry the Abyssinian Cat

We still have been enjoying your wonderful winter squash, baked and stuffed.  We have a couple of Hubbard Squash left!

– Betsey & Trish

We loved your CSA 2015 and signed up for 2016.  Our girls will definitely be buying the honey candies again all summer!

– Dana

We will be signing up again this year (2016).  We got to try many types of vegetables we would never thought to buy.

– Joan & John

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