Corn Maze

Corn Maze - Plympton, Massachusetts

NOTICE: Due to the COVID pandemic, things will look a little different at our farm this fall season. Your safety and enjoyment of the farm is important to us. Therefore, we are making modifications to help keep everyone safe and healthy — minimizing contact wherever possible and making it easier to practice social distancing. Our regular corn maze will NOT be available this year.

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2020 Corn Maze


Each year, we feature a new and exciting theme in the corn maze. This year, due to COVID, we will NOT be offering our regular maze. Instead, experience this year’s special 2-1/2 acre area made for your safe enjoyment. Take a walk through the stalks in our 1-way cornfield trail then meander through a field of sunflowers. Enjoy the beauty, fresh air, and photo opportunities! (Labor Day Weekend Only)

Flashlight Nights in the Maze
(Not available for 2020)

Flashlight Nights in the Corn Maze - Plympton, MA

Do the maze in the dark!
For a totally different maze experience, come for our special Flashlight Nights on select dates during the fall season. Parents, don’t worry, there’s nothing scary at C&C Reading Farm at night. We don’t do scary, we just do FUN! (Not available for 2020)

PLEASE NOTE: Some attractions close after dark.

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Corn Maze Rules

  • No Alcohol allowed anywhere on the farm
  • Do not run in the maze.
  • Do not smoke in the maze.
  • Do not break the ribbon.
  • Do not cut through the corn.
  • Do not pick the corn.
  • Do not use foul language.
  • No pets are  permitted in the maze

Past Mazes

2019 Corn Maze – Last year’s maze theme was “Mad Scientist!” Unlock new discoveries in the world of science and learn about real scientists who were thought to be ‘mad’ until proven correct. It’s a maze, it’s a game, it’s educational, and it’s FUN!

2019 Corn Maze Theme - Mad Scientist

2018 Corn Maze – The 2018 maze theme was “Journey to the Center of the Earth!” Descend to the fiery center of the Earth from an erupting volcano, passing buried dinosaur bones along the way. This Jules Verne classic was the inspiration for this theme that explored geology. The maze was a circular design with a volcano and fiery center.

2018 Corn Maze Theme - Journey to the Center of the Earth

2017 Corn Maze – The 2017 maze theme was “Space Exploration!” Visitors journeyed into the final frontier of space. As they traveled through the corn maze, they discovered highlights of space exploration and fun facts about life in space!

2017 Corn Maze Theme - Space Exploration

2016 Corn Maze – The 2016 maze theme was “Wizards and Dragons!” Visitors could enter our magical, make-believe world and look for stations in the maze to answer questions and uncover drawings about wizards and dragons.

Wizards & Dragons 2016 Corn Maze Theme at Billingsgate Farm (Plympton, MA)

2015 Corn Maze – The 2015 corn maze theme was “Dinosaurs!” Visitors could search the remote past when thunder lizards roamed the earth and explore all the ages of dinosaurs that spanned millions of years to the ultimate extinction of these giants.

2015 Corn Maze: Dinosaurs!

2014 Corn Maze – The 2014 corn maze theme was “Pirate Adventure!” Visitors took to the high seas of the Golden Age of Piracy to discover the history and surprising customs of pirates of the Caribbean. Explorers found pirates and their flags within the maze. The design featured a pirate ship at sea and a desert island.

Corn Maze 2014

2013 Maze – “Rainforest” Corn Maze

Rainforest Corn Maze 2013

2012 Maze – “Buy Fresh Buy Local” Corn Maze